BT Model: Bike Touring


upandbike adds value to bike touring routes and its surroundings, while generating new opportunities for sustainable tourism.

We offer cyclotourism users a solution so that parking is no longer the excuse for not using our favorite bike or not doing those activities that we like so much. This model offers cyclists the possibility of storing their own bicycle in the safest place while passing through your municipality. In addition, it can be used with upandbike’s own app or integrate it to the existing mobility app.

Being elevated brings many benefits, including safety. Moreover, thanks to this, it is very easy to install and maintain, avoiding civil works. Finally, as it is installed at the height of the trees, it is fully integrated into the environment and the design can be customized to suit the needs of each municipality.

Another use of our hotel for bicycles is to maximize the bicycle rental service with a 24/7 availability. This service is clearly on rise, both in rural or coast tourist areas, as well as in urban areas.

And, of course, a single upandbike can combine both services!

Carefully designed to ensure safety: Fear of bicycles damage? Risk of theft? Would you enter a closed area at night?