We know that each street and each neighborhood of our cities can have many differences among them, and that is why we offer different models of automatic and secure parking that adapt to the different possibilities and/or needs within the same city. All of them can be integrated in a network thanks to our own application.

Tower underground
Tower up
Round sketch
Parking down

Modular system for areas with a need for large bicycle capacity (up to 207 bicycles). This system occupies only 6 square meters of urban surface.

Rings of 24 or 26 cells and maximum 8 levels.

Parking up

It shares the same ring-based modular system as the down model. This parking can be easily integrated into buildings. It also has a capacity of up to 207 bicycles thanks to the modular ring system (24-26 cells per level).

Circular parking

Like the two previous ones, this parking is also fully automatic and safe. It’s composed by 24 cells where you can store your bike, as well as the necessary accessories (helmet, backpack…).