ST application: Car parking

ST application: Car parking

According to recent studies, the number of cars in cities is decreasing considerably and it seems to be a growing trend. In front of this situation, the car parkings are already looking for alternatives to adapt to the new ways in which citizens move around. And is there a better way to adapt than by installing upandbike for car parkings? As we all know, cycling means mobility of the future.

With our technology bikes will be parked automatically and safely, and we also optimize the number of spots as much as possible: each car spot will be reused to park 5 bicycles. This solution requires an investment with a short-term ROI and does not require civil works.

They way of moving around the cities has also changed for leisure activities: going to the movies, to the shopping mall… But this kind of facilities do not usually offer park for bikes, therefore we think it’s time for a change!!



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