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upandbike is more than a parking, it is the network to achieve future mobility

The lack of secure bicycle parking

From an ecological and traffic planning perspective, promoting bicycle use and micromobility methods is essential for the future of urban areas

Cyclism can help cities decrease their dependency in automotive transportation and reduce emissions, improving life quality and economic mobility at the same time.

Although many cities around the world have invested considerably in cycling infrastructure, secure parking has been disregarded.

In the United States, almost no residents have access to bicycle parking facilities in or near their frequent destinations

La falta de aparcamientos seguros para bicicletas​ · parking de bicis seguro
Robo de bicicletas · parking de bicis seguro

A crucial problem for future mobility

The lack of access to secure parking facilities is one of the main setbacks for regular bicycle use.

In Spain, for example, 17% of the homes have suffered bike theft. On a national level, experts estimate that up to half of the cyclists ha been theft victims.

Vandalism, accidental damages and deterioration due to inclement weather are direct consequences of the lack of secure parking options. 

Our mission is to address this problem providing secure and accessible parking solutions, thus promoting bicycles as sustainable means of transport

The impact on society before the lack of parkings

Although the lack of parking options affect all cyclists, investigations assure that the impact is, on a larger scale, among immigrants, the working class and non-white communities.

According to the League of American Cyclists, black north-amricans identify the lack of secure parking as the main obstacle for riding a bike regularly.

In Spain, 60% of the survey respondents, assert that acces to secure parking would increase their bicycle use.

upandbike commits to closing this gap in infrastructure, offering secure and accessible parking solutions for all, with a special focus on the more affected communities.

Parking de bicis seguro y automatico

The solution is upandbike

upandbike is a network of secure, automatic, elevated and smart bicycle parking. upandbike allow the optimization of urban space to ease individual mobility and make it more sustainable.

An integral approach

In upandbike we know that solving the problem of secure bicycle parking requires an integral and coordinated solution. Our objective lies in planning, designing, implementing and operating extensive networks of secure bicycle parking stations.

For cyclists, the experience is total.  

We offer an infrastructure network, connectet trhrough and operative system.

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Parking de bicis seguro y automatico