The signing of the European Bicycle Declaration, a historic moment for Europe. What is it and what does it imply?

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Last April began with excellent news for the cycling world in Spain and all of Europe. 

In Brussels, the Informal Council of Mobility Ministers of the European Union ratified the European Declaration on the Use of Bicycles

This milestone marks a significant recognition of the bicycle as a means of transport with immense potential that must be promoted by all Member States.

The signing of the European Bicycle Declaration, a historic moment for Europe. What is it and what does it imply?


¿Why is this declaration important?

The European Declaration on Cycling stands out for recognizing bicycles as an overall complete form of transport, which can contribute significantly to sustainable mobility in Europe.

In its preamble, formed by 14 points, diverse reasons for promoting bicycle use are detailed, including the social and environmental benefits its usage provides, be it on an individual or collective level.

The Declaration's objectives

The Declaration’s main objective is to release all of the cycling potential in the European Union.

Bicycles are recognized as one of the most sustainable, accessible, inclusive, affordable and healthy means of transport and leisure. Furthermore, its key importance for European sociaty and economy is highlighted.

The Declaration will serve as a strategic guide for both current and future policies and initiatives related to bicycle usage. 

Key action areas of the European Declaration on Cycling

The Declaration is structured in 8 thematic chapters, with 36 concrete actions:

Spain's commitment to cycling

Spain’s Transport and Sustainable Mobility Minister, Óscar Puente, signed this declaration on April 3rd in Brussels, reaffirming the Spanish Government’s commitment to promoting bicycles as an essential means of transport to progress in the decarbonization of urban mobility. 

In Spain, the State Strategy on Cycling, approved on June 8th 2023, already contemplated many of the European Declaration’s actions. This strategy has been fundamental in guiding the country’s cycling policies. 

Furthermore the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility has created the General Secretary of Sustainable Mobility to ease the governance of sustainable mobility, which demonstrates the commitment of the government to these policies.

A promising future for cycling mobility in Spain

Short and medium-term future for cycling policies in Spain seems very promising. 

With the support of the European Declaration and the State Strategy on Cycling, the development of initiatives to release all the bicycle potential of the country is awaited.

The creation of secure cycling networks, the larger intermodality, and the promotion of secure parking spots are only some of the awaited benefits.

upandbike's commitment to sustainable mobility

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In upandbike, we are firmly committed to promoting sustainable mobility in tomorrow’s cities. 

Thanks to our innovative solutions in a network of secure bicycle parkings, it is possible to fulfill the objectives of the European Union and contribute significantly to the creation of smart and decontaminated cities.

upanbike’s solutions not only help to achieve the EU’s objectives in terms of sustainable mobility, but they also play a crucial role in the fight against climate change and the reduction of urban pollution.

In promoting bicycle use, we contribute to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing vehicular traffic and improving air quality in our cities.

In line with the European Declaration on Cycling, upandbike is commits to keep developing and offering innovation solutions that ease the transition towards a more sustainable urban mobility.

We firmly believe that bicycles are a powerful tool to transform our cities, making them more habitable, healthy and sustainable.

"A sustainable and pollution-free city is possible. Let's build today the cities of tomorrow."

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