Bikesharing, what is it and which are its benefits?

Bikesharing qué es, como funciona el bikehsaring, ventajas bikesharing, hangar parking, bikesharing españa

Bikesharing can be a public or private service of shared bicycles. This concept appeared in Amsterdam during the sixties.  It consists of renting electric bicycles for short routes. These bicycles have assisted pedaling, which allows all types of people to use them, no matter their age or physical condition. Bikesharing systems improve the perception of … Read more

The decline in bicycle sales in Spain: Fear of thefts and lack of secure parking?

La falta de aparcamientos seguros para bicicletas​ · parking de bicis seguro

Bicycle sales in Spain have experienced a notable decrease these last years, and the sector points to several factors as the originators of this trend.  Among them, in upandbike we highlight a persistent problem: the lack of secure spaces to park bicycles. After 2020’s and 2021’s sales records, the market saw a 10% decrease in … Read more

The signing of the European Bicycle Declaration, a historic moment for Europe. What is it and what does it imply?

Firma de la Declaración Europea de la Bicicleta: Implicaciones y Beneficios para España y Europa

Last April began with excellent news for the cycling world in Spain and all of Europe.  In Brussels, the Informal Council of Mobility Ministers of the European Union ratified the European Declaration on the Use of Bicycles.  This milestone marks a significant recognition of the bicycle as a means of transport with immense potential that must … Read more