ST application: Bike Touring

ST application: Bike Touring

In this case we introduce the upandbike indoor application. It consists of a tailor-made turnkey project to optimize the available space.  The system will also be fully automatic and the bikes will be stored vertically. There is the possibility to install a maintenance, self repair and cleaning service point.

This model offers your hotel guests the possibility of storing their own bike in the safest possible place; either outdoors or by reusing an interior space (a storage room, a room…).

As it is automatic, there is no need for supervision by hotel staff. Also, the parking booking could be linked with the room reservation system, thus automating this service as well.

Another use of our bike hotel is to provide bike rental service. This service is clearly booming, both in rural and beach tourist destinations, as well as in urban areas.

And, of course, a single upandbike can combine both services!




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